Sachi weighs 8.5kls a few weeks back. She must have gained a lot since then coz she’s a challenge to carry (at least for my fragile skinny arms).

What Sachi can do the past 6th month:

  • Pull herself up to a sitting position when lying down
  • Support weight on legs. She can stand up… (on the walker of course!)
  • But she can stand for a split second on her own
  • Eat solid foods
  • Make “beautiful eyes”
  • Respond when you talk to her
  • Hold 2 objects at a time (heading to her mouth all the time)
  • Roll and roll and roll until she gets what she wants
  • She already knows how to use her sippy cup
  • Looks at pushed away or dropped toys
  • Can pick up what her small hands can grasp
  • Grabs an object from afar by crawling (and rolling) to it
  • Squeals, giggles and crunch her face

She’s no longer the quite little baby in the corner who sleeps all day. She’s super likot. It’sbeen 7 blessed months. Shoutout to my Yaya and her daugther for all the help with Sachi πŸ™‚

Vital stats at Seven:

Weight: 9 kg / Height: 66 inches / Circumference – Head: 38cms, Chest: 38cms

Taken Sept 7, 2009