…and today is extra special.

It’s Sachi’s 7th month but unlike other months where I prepare food, order cakes/cupcakes or organize a gathering, today there’s no handa.

But ironically, it’s the most celebrated day for us as a family.

Arlene's HP MiniI got a kikay HP Mini as a birthday gift. Thanks hun!

Doll from Grandma RosieSachi received the crying and laughing doll from Grandma Rosie,
all the way from Saudi — Thank You Grandma! (I’m still all smiles coz of the above Mini šŸ™‚ )

Visa DeliveredJ got his passport — his dream for quite awhile (he’s been denied several times so getting approved, most especially getting a multiple visa makes the approval so much sweeter.) Yup, you read it right, we got multiple visas!

Life is good.
Time to celebrate!