Sachi’s getting used to the camera flash. She looks at the camera when taking pictures.

On our shopping list: Walker
We ended up buying: Walker, high chair, and a mesh net for the crib

sachi and mommySachi and mommy making faces 🙂 Excited to go shopping!

IMG_0460Trying on this whale walker (which can turn into a rocker). Unfortunately, it’s still too big for Sachi.
On its lowest level , naka hang pa si Sachi.

IMG_0461This one on the other hand is perfect, di na kami pinansin and got occupied with the toys. I just wished it can be converted to a rocker too. For just 500 more bucks, I could have gotten the model that can be converted to a rocker (kaya lang mother says she wants something that Sachi can use NOW.
Fine fine. This walker na)

I initially wanted a stationary walker, para she can practice walking without the danger of tipping over figurines or bumping into hard surfaces. But then that might be boring.  It would have been nice if these cute walkers can be converted to a stationary one.

Sachi on her walkerTrying her new walker at home (Tsk tsk. Too excited, no shoes! I made a rule not to let her use the walker without socks or shoes. I guess its time to buy real shoes, un may protection. All her shoes are just the cutesy ones, parang di protected ang feet)