I seldom buy things for me anymore. When I go shopping, it spells b-a-b-y–s-t-u-f-f. It’s more fun! I never had any of these fancy little things when I was a baby, in my toddler years, or when I was growing up. A trip to the baby lane is one of my agenda whenever I go shopping.

Few weeks earlier, I had to buy Sachi feeding spoon as she starts to eat solids. Gosh. A baby spoon can be expensive. Avent is. I’m not going to splurge on a spoon so I scanned the rack for more choices. I saw these Munchkin spoons, they were a feast in the eye (vibrant colors, bpa free, and cost less than Php500). I was debating on getting the spoon that turns into a different color when the food is hot, but decided against it thinking that it might not work at all.

Image087Sachi holding her Munchkin soft spoons (Image from my cellphone)

Got her some teethers, and soft book with teether (a really nice buy because everything she touches gets into her mouth).IMG_2111

There are so many little things that (for a person like me who fancy cute little stuff), is very tempting to buy.

There’s the Leap Frog electronic book. It’s an interactive book with pressure points to activate voice.  You can buy refills to change stories. O dba? Iba na talaga ngayon. Talk about story telling to the highest level. I was so tempted to buy. Pero aanuhin naman ni Sachi yun ngayon, she doesn’t even play with her play gym yet. Mental note: Add to Sachi’s 1st bday wish list nlng. I want a vtech notebook for her too. She keeps on grabbing mine, so might as well just give her her own *wink *wink.. mother? tito? tita? :-p

Sometimes,the hubby wouldn’t let me in the baby section anymore. Other than the fact that I take time (even just window shopping), I end up buying unnecessary small things. Ang cute kc! So different from back then when a rattan duyan was all I needed to make me sleep and a little toy to play all day long. Ngayon may bouncer, may play gym, etc etc.

IMG_1950Mostly gifts and pasalubongs for Sachi

But it’s fun baby shopping. I haven’t even touched the subject of clothes yet. I don’t want start talking about the cute dresses and tees, and shorts and flats for babies… It’s gona take forever. And a whole lot of payday cheques!