I can’t believe I haven’t written an entry on Sachi starting on solids. We started giving her solids a week before her half-a-birthday (6th month). People around me were insisting that she take solid foods already because she keeps on grabbing food and moving her mouth whenever she sees someone eating, tumatakam in Tagalog.
So a week before her birthday, we gave her mashed potato.  She loves it!

First ever food intakeAnticipating her first food

Mashed Potato first foodHmmm… What’s this?


A week after, we tried Squash. But she vomits it so we went back to mashed potatoes.

During our next visit to our Pediatrician, she advised that we give her Cerelac first before letting her eat potatoes. I wonder why? Isn’t natural better??

But I followed her advice,  so I bought 2 boxes of Cerelac. Sachi seems to enjoy it too.

I still wonder, is it better to give processed/boxed/bottled “fresh” foods to babies rather than the all-natural ones?

What’s your baby’s first solid food?