Events and Celebrations

♥ JM’s birthday ♥ Sachi’s half a birthday ♥ Johann & Wea’s Wedding ♥ Jacob’s first birthday

Malls, Movies and other Lakwacha’s

♥ Buffet lunch at Dad’s with JM, Trina & Papa ♥ Megamall ♥ Robinson’s Metro East

What I did for the first time this month:

♥ Register a business name ♥ Meet up with business consultants (feels like the real world. hehe)

Other notables:

♥ Sold our car, Pogi, a black Honda Accord ♥ July was a very busy month — all about business. We had 4 different little businesses in mind, only one stood up… taking small steps…

Huffy Birthdays:

♥ July 3 – Ate Ayee ♥ July 4 – Tito Ben ♥ July 29 – Ate Ayee ♥