I’ve mentioned countless of times that I am a sentimental person. I keep anything to almost everything — a packrat I must say. From tickets to table napkins, from papers to petals.

I’ve been asking the hubby to write me a letter — something which I wanted as a gift — birthday, wedding, anniversary — but it didn’t came. He’s just not that type of guy. His handwriting (as he says) is barely recognizable. So the hopes were down…

Last weekend, early in the morning. barely awake, he stood up and handed me  a yellow paper… much to my surprise, a letter!

It’s so easy to please me, isn’t it? 🙂 Are you easily pleased as well?


Coincidentally, when I checked chuvaness blog this morning, the latest entry is about Ninoy Aquino’s letter to his daugther, Ballsy. And the question is, Letter or Handbag? Although choosing a handbag is soooo tempting especially a designer one, I’d go for a letter. Ang handbag napaglilipasan , ang letter hindi. But it would be nice to have a handbag WITH a letter. hehe 🙂