Mistakes. We all make them. But when you “kill” the President, how much trouble are you in?
Below is a clip from Manila Bulletin — coverage of Cory Aquino’s funeral

Manila Bulletin August 2009

*Image from Ate A’s email

UPDATE: Upon verifying this, I came across another blog. Apparently, that was not the only Arroyo-Aquino mistake — ABS-CBN committed the same on their newsflash.

ABSCBN CoryIt read: “Military honors para kay ginang Arroyo, inihahanda na”. Oops
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Grabe, there’s more. Not that I’m enjoying, but I’m partially amused with the consistency of the mistakes — I believe these are honest mistakes, must be really confusing.

This was originally from ABSCBNNews.com. Above screenshot lifted from here

“The ABS-CBNNews article now has an erratum from the editors saying, In an earlier draft of this article, some names were supposed to refer to Mrs. Aquino, who just passed away. It said “Mrs. Arroyo,” instead. Our apologies.”