Sachi at 7months

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Sachi weighs 8.5kls a few weeks back. She must have gained a lot since then coz she’s a challenge to carry (at least for my fragile skinny arms).

What Sachi can do the past 6th month:

  • Pull herself up to a sitting position when lying down
  • Support weight on legs. She can stand up… (on the walker of course!)
  • But she can stand for a split second on her own
  • Eat solid foods
  • Make “beautiful eyes”
  • Respond when you talk to her
  • Hold 2 objects at a time (heading to her mouth all the time)
  • Roll and roll and roll until she gets what she wants
  • She already knows how to use her sippy cup
  • Looks at pushed away or dropped toys
  • Can pick up what her small hands can grasp
  • Grabs an object from afar by crawling (and rolling) to it
  • Squeals, giggles and crunch her face

She’s no longer the quite little baby in the corner who sleeps all day. She’s super likot. It’sbeen 7 blessed months. Shoutout to my Yaya and her daugther for all the help with Sachi 🙂

Vital stats at Seven:

Weight: 9 kg / Height: 66 inches / Circumference – Head: 38cms, Chest: 38cms

Taken Sept 7, 2009

Life is Good

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…and today is extra special.

It’s Sachi’s 7th month but unlike other months where I prepare food, order cakes/cupcakes or organize a gathering, today there’s no handa.

But ironically, it’s the most celebrated day for us as a family.

Arlene's HP MiniI got a kikay HP Mini as a birthday gift. Thanks hun!

Doll from Grandma RosieSachi received the crying and laughing doll from Grandma Rosie,
all the way from Saudi — Thank You Grandma! (I’m still all smiles coz of the above Mini 🙂 )

Visa DeliveredJ got his passport — his dream for quite awhile (he’s been denied several times so getting approved, most especially getting a multiple visa makes the approval so much sweeter.) Yup, you read it right, we got multiple visas!

Life is good.
Time to celebrate!


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Sorry, I just had to make this entry in the middle of working hours. I can’t contain my excitement.

It’s Sachi’s 7th month birthday, but it feels like it’s already mine.

Got a new toy from hubby — an HP Mini, much like the Vivienne Tan Edition but with higher specs, and in pink. Woot woot!

Thanks hun!! I love it and I love you! 🙂

On a Higher Level

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Literally sitting on a higher level, this is yet again another milestone for Sachi — using walker (on this post) and sitting on a high chair.

You know your baby is growing, but when the need for these kind of baby stuff arises, you sure will be blown away on how your baby is growing up so fast.

IMG_0474Just 6 months ago, this little girl was in my tummy. Now she’s sitting all by herself?

and shoutingIMG_0483and making faces

Baby’s Day Out: Robinson’s ME

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Sachi’s getting used to the camera flash. She looks at the camera when taking pictures.

On our shopping list: Walker
We ended up buying: Walker, high chair, and a mesh net for the crib

sachi and mommySachi and mommy making faces 🙂 Excited to go shopping!

IMG_0460Trying on this whale walker (which can turn into a rocker). Unfortunately, it’s still too big for Sachi.
On its lowest level , naka hang pa si Sachi.

IMG_0461This one on the other hand is perfect, di na kami pinansin and got occupied with the toys. I just wished it can be converted to a rocker too. For just 500 more bucks, I could have gotten the model that can be converted to a rocker (kaya lang mother says she wants something that Sachi can use NOW.
Fine fine. This walker na)

I initially wanted a stationary walker, para she can practice walking without the danger of tipping over figurines or bumping into hard surfaces. But then that might be boring.  It would have been nice if these cute walkers can be converted to a stationary one.

Sachi on her walkerTrying her new walker at home (Tsk tsk. Too excited, no shoes! I made a rule not to let her use the walker without socks or shoes. I guess its time to buy real shoes, un may protection. All her shoes are just the cutesy ones, parang di protected ang feet)

The sweetest words came unexpected


We were expecting to go home with sad faces. We were anticipating a rollercoaster of explanation.

We planted the thought that we we’ve wasted Php 13k for nothing. We just want to get this over and done with.

Alas! After 3 hours of waiting, we heard the sweetest words from the consul “Your visas are approved… go back to the…”

We couldn’t believe it.


Thank God.

Now, what?



Gold Crocs

I’m officially CROC-odized. Got a gold crocs. I used to laugh at the brand and how the slippers look, and now I own a pair. Eh kc naman, todo bulky tlga un ibang model that when it first came out, I wouldn’t wear it even if it’s free. But now that they released new models, I’m eating my words.

It’s soft and light

Just what my feet need 🙂

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