missing titaIt’s only been less than 2 months but it feels like forever. I miss you, Tita Rosie!

I owe her my childhood — I lived with her for so many years that I see her more often than my mom.
She took care of me and my siblings. She took care of Sachi while she was still here. She bathe her every morning — Just like what she used to do with me.

tita despedida 1

But she left for Saudi.

And we’re missing her contagious wala ng bukas laughter. And her “water” visits, her yosi breaks, and her notable antics. She’s one of the important persons in my life that wasn’t able to attend my big day.

Come back soon Tita (and Tito and Paulala)!!!

villa cousinsDespedida for Tita (Villa cousins)

tita despedida 2(From L-R): Kuya Jorge, Kuya Jerome, Kuya Terence, JM, Arlee
Pia, Tita, Ate Kris, Ate Michelle

P.S. Happy birthday Ate Ayee!