Dear Sachi, Half-a-birthday honey! I loooove you. You are such a healthy and a very happy baby that I thank God everyday. I don’t carry you as often as yaya lita does, nor give you a bath like she always do, or put you to sleep because Mommy (and Daddy) has work. But you are the reason why I want to go home at 4 o’clock on the dot. I picture your toothless grin and your squeals and I want to be right next to you. I like putting you to sleep. You hold mommy’sΒ  shirt and you bury your face in whatever I’m wearing.

You are growing so fast. You like to stand up already. You can almost sit (but can barely stay put because you’re always reachng out to something). I’m so proud of the little things that you can do (and try to do). I will always be here for you (and so does daddy!) We love you so much! You know what, I’m already preparing for your 1st birthday. I hope it turns out really fun. More than anything, I want to see you having fun — smiling and laughing and playing. I love you Sachi! I hope you grow up to be God-fearing and an obedient daughter. I hope you’ll always be healthy and happy. We will do our best to provide you with everything that you need, we will aim only the best for you. *********huggggg tight**********

Today is Sachi’s half-a-birthday (Thanks Ninang Caissa for the greeting!)

06292009According to Nanay “tao na si Sachi” (coz she has birth certificate from NSO already)

tired Slouched.
Sachi tired from playing

We celebrated with a family lunch and a rainy magical fun ranch dinner. Thank you Nanay, Kuya Arman, Ate Janice, Kuya Terence, Ate Ayee and Kuya Jorge for taking the time to celebrate with us (Even though Sachi slept most of the time).

Sachi milestones:

  • She’s now eating solids! Yay! French fries in a different form aka mashed potato. Hehe.
  • She’s tried juice a few weeks back. But due to acidity, I stopped. Now that she’s 6 months, I’ll start giving it to her again… a few drops once in awhile
  • She can twist and turn and roll (That’s why her bed (the guest room bed), has turned into a big crib with 3 corners surrounded with “wall”
  • She can almost sit (but still moves forward reaching into anything — her feet, a book, rattle, etc)
  • She can hold objects firmly
  • Anything that she touches eventually ends in her mouth
  • She smiles and laughs every time you greet her “good morning” or “good afternoon” upon waking up
  • She squeals and laughs when playing play peek-a-boo using a small towel in front of her face
  • She can definitely hold her head up
  • She does the “close-open” with her hands by herself (You’ll see her playing by herself concentrating with her hands)
  • She’s fascinated with the itsy-bitsy spider song
  • She loves pulling anything that’s withing reach — a string, a strap, hair, earrings, etc
  • She gives out her hand when you reach for her
  • She reaches for things, initially moving forward but ends up rolling instead
  • She eats her foot — which she just learned lately (gross yeah, but at least I know she’s not so “inflexible” like mommy. trivia: I cannot reach my toes when sitting with knees stretched. I guess Sachi’s foot-eating is a sign of flexibility)

I have lots of pictures to share but I got no time to upload yet. Will update this entry. I just don’t want to lag on entries so I’m writing and publishing even if it’s not complete.

Our July 26 celebration:

Armand and ArleneBro-in-law


black forest from moya couple
Bannoffe (now one of my fave) and Black Forest cake (yummm!!!) Thanks Ate Ayee!

chitchatKwentuhan with Kuya, Ate Janice and Iyah…

tired from 10k run…while Daddy slept or awhile, tired from his 10k run

sachi & "pops"There’s a celebrity in the house! Sino kaya? πŸ˜›

sitting prettySitting pretty in Tita Ayee’s lap
(On Sachi — Gingersnaps razorback from officemate Weng, shorts from Gingersnaps too and gold rubber shoes from first steps)

to be continued… on this link