Sharing more happy moments during Sachi’s baptism…

Woooosh! I wana flyyyy!

DSC_0926A happy Sachi = A happy Mommy

DSC_0941Flabsy & Sachi
It took several months before Papa even tried to carry Sachi.
Not because he didn’t like her, but because he was afraid he’d squish her coz she seems fragile.
Eh ngayon, tabachingching kaya kahit anong buhat pwede na

DSC_0982First cousins — Ninang Ana, Me, Ate Ayee and Kuya Terence

With Kim and Chris. Sachi looks so bachuchay here. hehe 🙂
Konti nlng, parang kasing laki na nya un face ni kim!

DSC_0970Yey to Mama (and Nanay!) — They guessed the correct word in the Pinoy Henyo game

DSC_0948My best friends for life

Care Bear cakes and cupcakes — all edible! (oh. except for the rainbow)

DSC_1038We were having a hard time leaving the arc balloon behind, sayang eh!

DSC_1034 Tita/Ninang Trina dancing and singing with Sachi

DSC_0989Kundirana ’09 is starting to be a regular entertainier on my big events. Unfortunately, out of the 9 singers, only 3 can make it. Pero tignan nyo naman, bigay na bigay pa rin ang performance.
Thanks, Kundirana!

DSC_1014 The view from the reception venue, One San Miguel roofdeck

Special thanks to Miggy and Ems too for helping out in the preparation while we were in the Church. Thanks guys! 🙂

Just  a note: The reception venue is a good choice for small gatherings (around 100 – 120pax). The venue has a view, aircon is cold, the in-house caterer has good food, and best of all, it was inexpensive. For a minimum of Php 15k for the food from their in-house caterer, Baby Nathan, the venue is free. Plus, there’s no corkage to anything that you bring. Lechon, alcohol –any drinks, any food. They’re very easy to talk to. I was lucky to get them for a rush event.