I came home today to a very irritated ate carms. Fe, my sister’s foodcart helper made up a story just so she can leave work. Hello. As if we want you in our place! Her “contract” is only up to August 5, and that’s only because mother advanced her salary already. And of course, common courtesy, you cannot just leave overnight.

Fe is from our hometown in Nueva Ecija and her aunt is my mom’s business client. So to speak, we brought her here in Manila to help out with Trina’s little foodcart business. After just a few days (I’m not sure if my hot headed sister threw a tantrum on her), she said she’ll leave and just finish a month. She’ll stay only until the first week of August. So okay, we’re letting her go.

This is the story today — She woke up early all packed up and told our “head” helper to text my mom and tell her that she’s leaving. She said that her cousin is waiting for her at the village gate. Ate carms, wary of the thought said she won’t allow her to leave unless her cousin shows up. In the end, she brought a girl in the house, who, according to ate carmen is very fair and pretty (which she then told my mom that it’s impossible for them to be cousins).

When they left the house, ate carms, smelling something fishy, asked yaya lits to follow them. The so-called cousin and Fe rode in a white SUV — according to yaya lits is the car always parked in front of our neighbor.

It turned out she wasn’t the cousin. She’s the sister of our new neighbor. We figured the girl must need a helper and she pirated Fe from us. But WTF was that cousin story?! And the sister of our neighbor… pretending to be a cousin to pirate a helper? My gosh. Lowest of the low. (Benefit of the doubt — maybe the sister didn’t know the make-believe story Fe told ate carms. But still! for you to come inside our house… and ate carms being nice and all (coz she thought that she was the cousin). Ate carms even mentioned “ikaw pala un pamangkin ng suki ni —“. The girl looked a bit puzzled, then Fe answered the question.

When they left, that’s the only time yaya lita and ate carms realized that that girl is the sister of our new neighbor who lives in the farther part of Antipolo.


That’s piracy. But you know what, you pirate good stuff. Not old rotten, disgusting, puke-inducing people like that helper.

And to the employer — myghad! you should know who you’re pirating. We don’t like her, it’s not our loss. Do you know why? I bet you don’t.

  • Do you know she had 3 husbands and still looking for another one? (When I heard this, I felt kinda sorry for her because I thought she might be looking for true love and she’s always falling for the wrong man. With stories from her family (which we found out just now), not the case. I don’t feel sorry for her. You must know what I mean)
  • Do you know she has a 6-month old kid that she gave away? (Will you ever have the heart to give away your kid just like that? to strangers? She’s able and all. Buti if she’s paralyzed or something or have her baby adopted by relatives)
  • Do you know what her family members are saying? Malikot daw ang kamay

The family is so ashamed — not only because of what she did today. But because in the first place, if they knew Fe will work for my mom, they would interfere. They thought Fe was far away in Tarlac. GRABE. Even the family is so ashamed of her.

Will she ever be ashamed of herself?

We learned our lesson. Do a background check. The reason why we always get helpers from our hometown. So when something happens, you know who to go to– who to ask — who to blame — who to turn to– for the new conniving employer… do you?

Good riddance.