As I mentioned in my previous entry — Sachi’s baptism reception, we celebrated yet again another milestone in our life at Lourdes Church, QC.

Three main reasons:

1) The sentimental value of the place to JM (this is where he spent most of his childhood — his grade school and some high school, and this is his parochial church); and the sentimental value it now brought us (our wedding church)

2) This is the only Catholic Church in the Phil (correct me if I’m wrong), that does immersion. You’ll see on the pics below.

3) Convenience – All our church documents, marriage and baptism, will all come from one source.

What’s unique about Lourdes’ Church practice:

  • Lourdes Church has a baptism seminar. Not all churches hold a seminar, something which I was dragging to go to coz we were busy with the rush preparation. But laziness aside, its a good thing and it’s one of their edge.
  • They have one huge candle for the parents, held by the head of the family, the father. This is something new. I was already planning on decorating my small candles (that’s supposed to be handed out to parents and godparents)
  • The significance of the parts of the ceremony were explained (during the seminar). We bring our child in the church wearing anything that is white, after immersion, that’s the time she’ll dress in her baptismal gown. Then a “capping” ceremony, and the lighting of the candle.
  • They hold the ceremony not inside the Church but in a function hall where a special area was made specifically for the immersion and the rite.

IMG_0552Sachi’s baptismal gown from SM — when we bought this, we still didn’t have definite plans for her baptism. We figured this will fit her anyways, regardless the date since the back of the gown is tied using only ribbons.

Comes with a hat, shoes bought at SM department store too
(All in — around Php 600-Php 800. I forgot exactly how much but I know it’s super inexpensive. Yay to SM! :-))

DSC_0751Sachi’s turn for immersion
Look how eager her face is, looking at the water

DSC_0757Inviting Water
Sachi happily anticipating the immersion

DSC_0758First & Second Immersion — Supposedly up until the neck, but Sachi probably was too heavy that Father dipped her right up to her mouth. hehe

DSC_0762Wet from head to toe — blessing done
Third Immersion — The whole body and head is immersed in water

DSC_0765Back to Mommy
Sachi was the only one who didn’t cry durin gimmersion, all other 5 or 6 babies cried. We were all bragging about that for several minutes. Hehe. Good girl Sachi πŸ™‚

Daddy trying to lock the chain of Sachi’s neckalce

DSC_0805Mommy struggling to put the bracelet on while Yaya Lita tries to put on her christening shoes

Adored by people around her — on this pic, tita ninang trina (where she got her bachuchay qualities)

DSC_0843The Child of Christ πŸ™‚
Placing of Cap

DSC_0840Lighting of the candle by the head of the family

DSC_0846Holding the Light

Yaya Lits said “kunin mo kay JM un kandila, pahawak natin kay Sachi, tapos picture-an mo” An obliging mother, I got the candle from JM and we took a pic — Sachi’s hand, mine and yaya lita (Sana naman nakaayos un hat noh?)


DSC_0871Behaved Sachi during Father’s gospel/sermon

With Father
“Dba kakakasal ko lang sa inyo 2-3 weeks ago? Ang bilis naman!”

DSC_0882With 2 great mothers (and one in the making) hehe πŸ™‚

DSC_0873Godparents and Family

As ninang kim said, In Chinese practices, ang mauna daw lumabas sa door na baby, swerte. So mother and daughter rushed to the door :p