Forgive me N for stealing a copy of your speech and posting it on my blog. If in case you stumble upon this. Hehe. Sayang your preparation so I’m posting it instead 🙂 (He didn’t say this speech because the previous speakers had a short, unprepared speech like the one below, so he opted for a short cut)

Good afternoon everyone, I’d like to take a few moments to say a few words about our groom. I’m (I purposely deleted the name), JM’s longtime good friend When JM asked me to be his best man, at first I was over joyed, firstly that he was going to marry the woman that he loves, and secondly that he had asked me to be his best man. But for a while I came to realized that I would have to stand up here and talk in front of his family and closest friends.

JM is a jolly and alaskador guy which drives the converstions funny back then, though he tends to be hardworking and responsible at times, a little bit of a “gimikero” or should I say a very “gimikero guy”, whichever comes first.

Way back in college, we used to call him as “Puto”, not because mahilig sya sa “puto” but him being fanatic with Rap Music and to complete the cast kasi naubusan na sha ng name dahil pinangalan na nya sa min lahat ng rappper. And after college, I also remember the times that we are on job hunting, mag uusap pa kmi nyan, pre ilang resume dadalahin natin? Cguro mga 20 pwede na, though uso nnaman yung via internet, but we still believe na maybe there is much bigger chance of earning a job if mag wawalk in, at mas feel mo mag apply. Anyway, this guy’s perception / outlook has suddenly changed, I noticed it when we had a short conversation about life goals / direction / success, kc before we never talked about these topics, not because he’s not that matured, maybe because those are the time na were enjoying being bachelors. And I found na merun na pla cya direction in life, because he finally found the woman that he’s looking for and this is no other he’s lovely wife Arlene. I may not know much of Arlene but, I can see she’s a very nice person, which I had observe whenever we had a meet-ups with friends and most of all I can see the change in JM.

Closing / Toast Congratulations, Arlene & JM I’m looking forward to the day when we’re all together again celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. Finally, I would like to say another thank-you to everybody for coming and joining the newly married couple in their celebration. And I am sure you will all agree they make a fantastic couple. Ladies and Gentlemen, please all join me in a toast, and let’s give them our biggest smile. To the happy couple, long may their love last! Cheers!