2009 is a year of the FIRSTS, a year of blessings — to think that we are only in the middle of it.

Today, we are celebrating our 1st month anniversary. It’s only been a month since we tied the knot, and yet a lot of things happened in between. I actually have two contradicting thoughts — “One month na yun?” and “One month pa lang un?”

The month flew by so fast because we were busy preparing for another important event, but at the same time, the wedding day feels so distant because of the packed activities. Regardless, whether I felt like its been forever or just yesterday, being with the ONE makes it worthwhile. We are no longer in the honeymoon stage, we were never on that stage this month actually (that came ahead remember? lol). But seriously, after the wedding, we are immediately faced with reality. Expenses rose to the hilt (Sachi’s baptism, wedding payables, business “capital”). Plus, we want to have a new baby —-

No, not a sibling for Sachi, but another baby. I’ve yet to blog when all is set — we are still on the conceptualization stage, so I don’t want to jinx it.

With all the events and happenings of the month, this special day was also spent productively. We finally had our cellphones rose from the dead, our “gift” to each other (My 6500c has been busted for 5 months! Accidentally pressed the bedpan duirng my hospital stay on the phone’s LCD). I ate my favorite tacos at Kamicos in greenhills (I swear I can live with their tacos alone). And I had my kebab fix from Behrouz. An LV  or a gucci bag would have made it perfect, but for now we can only come close. One step at a time. We will get there 😉

Happy ONE month to us!!