Independence Day has a new meaning for us.

Phil Flag Wedding
This is us at around 4:30pm, June 12, 2009

  • Philippine Independence Day 2009  — We tied the knot
  • USA Independence Day 2009 — Sachi’s second birthday, her baptism

Both occasions called for God’s blessing, and we successfully made it through.

We hope and pray that we may be FREE from worldly sins, and may He grant us the strength, the wisdom and the courage to fight temptations that will challenge our relationship as a couple, as a family.

—- Moving forward to the topic of this entry — Sachi’s Baptism! In a matter of 3 weeks, we prepared Sachi’s baptism. Everything was done in a rush. We attended a 1-hour (supposedly 2-hr) baptism seminar unscheduled, I frantically searched the internet for a venue, and allotted most of my time with DIY stuff, sourcing materials and printing out anything that I can use for Sachi’s reception venue.

Two days before the event, I got a host. The ever so reliable Ate Ayee 🙂 (See, I am not the kind of person who is comfortable talking in front of a crowd, so I really bow down to those who are… and those who do it well) Buti nlng no more sore throat for Ate Ayee!

Since everything was rush, there were lots of friends who weren’t able to come. Most people got commitments already. Sayang coz this is a triple celebration — It’s mainly Sachi’s Christening, but we also made it our post wedding celebration for friends and celebration of JM’s step to the big 3!

The entrance to the reception venue
Welcome to the Christian World, Isabel Sachi =)
Reception venue: Roofdeck, One San Miguel Ave

Scrapbook corner details 1Sachi’s Scrapbook corner

Sachi's Scrapbook Corner

sachi's corner details 2
Rubber cubes spell “Sachi”

Sachi and care bear cake
Me and Sachi on her baptismal gown

placido family less daniel

Sachi and MommyAlone time with Mommy

Sachi and DaddyAlone time with Daddy

Pinoy Henyo
Pinoy Henyo Game. Out of the 5 pairs, Trina & Daniel and Mama & Nanay won! Parang tuloy luto, but really, it’s not

sleeping sachiTired Sachi taking a nap

Waking upWaking up happily to the voice of Kundirana

Personalized Porta Pack
Personalized Porta Pack as souvenir tokens

Officemates at Sachi's ChristeningMarketing officemates: Jed & Trissy, Leonie & Pen
Olan, Eric, Diones, Eric M, Gab, Cham, Bob, Weng & Baby Robin

lets eatEating time!

Thank you for taking the time to pick out gifts for our Sachi. Truly appreciated 🙂

Cute Sachi with Tito Daniel and Tita Ayee
Look at Sachi sandwiched in between Tito Daniel & Tita Ayee =)

Super thanks Ate Ayee for hosting!

christening reception details
Reception Set-up

Care Bears 2 layer cake and cuppies
Care Bear cake & cupcakes. I thought our cake only has 1 edible layer. I almost had it thrown, good thing the helpers double checked.

care bear game
Name the Care Bears. Surprisingly, most tables were filling  up the game sheet. Jed and Trissy almost got it (Trissy turned out to be a fan of the tv shows when she was a kid), but in the end, my brus won (how? I don’t know! I don’t think this was our gen. Or was it?)

brus with sachi
Brus and the little bru 🙂

all with sachi3
With Tatay Ipe.. ♦ With tita  Cham ♦  With daddy and Ninong RA. Baldness anyone?

all with sachi
Playing with Papa ♦ Dancing with Mama ♦ Watching Kundirana with Yaya Lita ♦  Nanay pinangigigilan si Sachi

all with sachi 4
With tito Eric ♦ Photo op with Ninangs, Ricel & Caissa (bru, parang ayaw nya un pag-carry mo? hehe) ♦ Sachi with Ate Loids ♦ From Penny to Elaine

all with sachi 2
With tito Bob, tita Pen and tita Lorie (Thanks Lorie for your help coming up with a list of games)

so sleepy

After 3 outfits, immersion in water, from qc to pasig, being carried by mommy and daddy’s friends — Sachi is just so tired. She seldom does this coz she tends to be restless and kulit, looking everywhere, tilting her head.

At this point, she couldn’t care less if her cheek is smudged on my shoudler. In less than five minutes, she was sleeping.

  • Thanks Balloon Creations for the arc and tower, thank you Ninang Kim!
  • Thank you Olan for the Backdrop and Printshoppe media for layout and design of invite =p
  • Thank you Miggy, Ems (and Melody) for taking care of the reception preparation
  • Thank you Fritz for being the official photographer. Go PrintShoppe Media!
  • Thank you Mama and Papa for the lechons (all the way from Rizal!)
    Special Mention to the first guests, Weng, Jun and baby Robin =)

Thank you to all our friends and family who came! Salamat. Sa mga nawala, sorry naman, and thank you for taking the time

Lastly, thank you for being generous with your gifts =)


To my close friends, you are all godparents in a way. I just have to save some close friends to the next one (in 5 years! hehe)