Since I’m blogging to eventually remember things in the past (at least the important ones), I am going to start a wrap-up entry per month to make “looking back” easier. Blog buddy Anna does it really well. I realize there’s no better way to start than my wedding month, June 2009.

Events and Celebrations
June 12 Wedding  ♥  Sachi’s 5th month  ♥  Baptism Seminar at Lourdes Church  ♥  7th Birthday party of Kuya Amiel’s son at Laguna  ♥ JM’s first father’s day

Malls, Movies and other Lakwacha’s
 Watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen  ♥  Tagaytay Overnight  ♥  My Coolmint Spa  ♥  Visit Ate Lorna’s place (Papa’s cousin) at Laguna  ♥  Megamall  ♥  Robinson’s Galleria  ♥  Robinson’s Metro East

What I did for the first time this month:
Willingly had my hair cut short! (The only time I had short hair was in 4th grade, and that hair cut was actually a no-choice cut c/o Tita Rosie “Salon” hehe)  ♥  Get acrylic nails (that was actually applied to the nail, and not simply “glued” on the nail)  ♥  Visit Andanita Taj at Tagaytay  ♥  Eat at Mano’s Greek Tavern  ♥  Eat at Antonio’s Grill  ♥  Eat at Slice ‘n Dice ♥  Check-in at Discovery Suites  ♥  Visit One San Miguel Ave Bldg (occular inspection for Sachi’s christening)

Other notables:
Braces removed!

Huffy Birthdays:
June 2 – Bopeep  ♥  June 6 – RA  ♥  June 7 – Marvy  ♥  June 22 – Mama