Being a bride and all, having “been there and done that”, I suddenly got interested with weddings. I’m excited everytime I hear that friends are tying the knot, even more excited when I’m invited.

The wedding before ours was Tanj’s and Brock’s.

The wedding after ours was Wea’s and Johann’s.

Two different weddings, one dress.

Different haircut.

Tanj & Brock had their wedding last March 27 at Tagaytay Highlands. I love their centerpiece, that idea already crossed my mind (diff countries per table) — I would have done the same if I was that well traveled. I love their cake! A work of art, with eiffel tower on top of the cake and suitcases all over.

Wea and Johann’s wedding was at Nuestra Senora De Gracia in Makati, held 07/08/09 (Nice choice of date). The church is really nice on the outiside, old looking with a perfect view of the whole church and the clouds. I like their cake too, so classy with generous flower fondant on top. (can I just insert — brings back, and heightens the disappointment I felt with my wedding cake 😦 )

* Pics to follow (crossing my fingers. hehe)