Frito Frio PistachioWhen I saw the marketing material with the phrase “fried ice cream”, I immediately got interested and ordered one. I asked JM to choose the flavor, he chose Pistacchio (turning out to be one of our favorite ice cream flavors). Very good choice! Apart from the unique concept of the ice cream, it really taste good. The reason why we ordered another cup, this time bubble gum. Its bubble gum yum!

The Pistacchio “fried ice cream” —>

More about the ice cram Frito Frio — As oppose to “fried ice cream”, its not really frying. I misinterpreted that. Of course it wasn’t hot, it was cold as any ice cream. But it was uniquely prepared from powder, natural flavor and a scoop of a clear liquid whipped for a minute then “fried” on a cold flat machine (much like the way crepes are made, except that this one is cold).


The flat ice cream “crepe” is then scraped into five ice cream swirls. I was amazed! Teehee. Even more with its taste. For Php35 a cup, so worth it!

Franchising crossed my mind, but total investment cost half a million. Half a million for a kiosk type at Php35 per order? Ummmm… parang di na lang