In an attempt to be nice and not be bastos, I tried to say no in a very nice manner. “I will just come back, I’m in a hurry”, I said those lines at least 5 times. But the girl was persistent. “Just 5 minutes”, “I really can’t, I’ll just go back”, “No just 2 minutes.” Then she was calling her sister who can speak english better than her. She was chinese but looks korean, professionally dressed and has really nice skin (you know those korean skins — parang laging naka obagi?)

Needless to say, in my attempt to be polite, I was led inside the stall and I was briefed what this is all about. Or so I think the girl was briefing me coz honestly I don’t understand  a thing. Other than the fact that my head is spinning, trying to come up with a polite excuse to get up and leave, she was speaking with a chinese accent that I cannot understand even if its english. (I know for a fact though that Amway is like Avon, who is on direct selling or networking or something to that effect). So then, 3 chinese professional looking and classy girls were on the table with me. My hand was applied with cream, gel, breath spray… I was just smiling, nodding and saying yes while telling them that I cannot stay longer and I am running out of time. The girl somehow understood, so she got up and got a black sleeve envelope containing brochures, booklets and an application form.

I felt like a grade school student so helpless. When the girl asked for an ID, I was hesitant, I wanted to just turn around and leave, but that is just so impolite. So whatever they were asking, I gave it to them just to get it over and done with (all this time, I am frantically thinking of a polite manner to just get up and leave). So yes, they photocopied my ID, I started filling up this application form which is for a discount card if Im not mistaken. I wrote my name, general address. Then I wrote a note “*Not committing to anything! Not paying anything” hahahaha! grabe. Every time I stand up and say I need to go nicely, they would tell me to sit down just for a few minutes and then they will talk continuously so I won’t have the chance to speak nor leave. Now I know how this kind of harassment feels.

A guy then sat in our table, but he was just looking. And because the english speaking chinese girl was prodding me to sign the application form, I asked if there is a Filipino in the room that I can talk to. Grabe. Ang gulo! I dont even understand what that application is for and Im signing it? No way. Turned out that guy who just sat is Filipino. So he said that I am not committed to anything but signing that form means I am already an independent distributor. But he was speaking in such a way that his eyes had a blank expression. Regardless if its true or not, I am not signing anything! First, I was just forced to come inside. I had the benefit of the doubt when I stepped inside the store — I was hoping they would just show their product in 2mins (just like what the girl said) and ask for my decision, then I can politely turn them down. But then the harassment didn’t stop. They were at the point of photocopying my ID, asking me to sign a form. Heller. They could have just presented their products, then ask me if I want it or not. Damn it. Wasted time.

The ending? I finally had the chance to escape when the english speaking girl stood up, at that point they were just waiting for me to sign the form (grabe my mind was spinning), I saw my ID and the photocopy, I stood up, made a big X mark on the form, picked up the photocopy and my ID (The chinese girl beside me was still pulling the photo copy of my ID from me. Anu ba yun!). I  said I’m not signing up anything, I’m not interested (along those lines coz really, I was just so messed up)

What a 10? 15? minute experience.I don’t even know how long that rollercoaster of conversation was. Definitely more than 5mins.

I used to laugh at this kind of stories. I only have one reaction whenever I hear news like this “Pwede bang pilitin kung ayaw? Bakit mo ibibigay ID mo kung hindi mo gusto?” Damn. Now, I am one of them. I am one of the victims. Pwede pala yun. Now I realize, sometimes you just have to be bastos. Just turn around and leave. I guess its better to be bastos (in that manner) rather than wasting both of the 2 parties’ time. Plus, the stress they cause is just too much.

I wanted to shout when I got out of the store to relieve the stress and mind tension.

Amway, you should know better than that. Dont’t force people. Present your product. Let the people decide. What you did is such a stress.