Can you believe Sachi is 5 months already? Ang bilis! Most people find her big for her age. Whenever I look at her sleeping, I can’t believe how big she’s grown. Then I automatically I thank God for giving us a very healthy baby.

New developments of Sachi this month:

  • She can turn to her side both ways
  • She can pull her head up with straight her arms when on her tummy
  • Playing with her saliva is her favorite past time – a spitter!
  • She’s pulling up her head when lying on her stroller
  • She has tried orange juice (as per Pedia’s advice), but upon research I found out it might be too acidic for babies, so I stopped giving it.
  • She loves playing with her hands
  • She’s loving her loves bath time now
  • Unstoppable drooling
  • We successfully changed her gold earrings to a stud — in preparation for the cutest flower girl 🙂
  • When sleeping, she moves from left to right, from right to left, or turn to her tummy. It’s a sleepless night coz I end up waking up every hour to check on her. Afraid that sleeping on her tummy might be suffocating.
  • She prefers to sit straight (without back support)
  • She can hold her rattle (but it eventually lands on her mouth)
  • She can hold her milk bottle with both hands (but still keeps on falling every minute)
  • She knows how to do “close-open” slowly. Papa calls it close open with semi-munding coz she does it really slow with her fingers closing one by one.
  • She laughs out loud when you tickle her neck and play with catch the cloth while lying on her tummy

*Munding I think is a term in the province where they show babies how to sway their hands gracefully.

JM & I had dinner at Nanay’s. We had spaghetti to celebrate Sachi’s birthday 🙂

I got to see her only at night because from work, we went straight to Lourdes to attend a baptism seminar. Yup! We’re having her baptized next week so I’m currently busy with all the preparations.

I am actually writing this post on the day after her bday but I’m back tracking the date. Hehe. **Pics to follow