I love Transformers! It’s one of my fave non-chic flick. I watched the first transformers movie with Marsy at Cerritos Mall at LA two years ago. We were on our way to find the nearest In and Out burger, but we ended up on the cinemas of Cerritos, Marsy treating me to my first imported theatre experience. (Shoutout to Marianing: I miss you MH!)

Of course, I wouldn’t miss the sequel coz I loved the first so much! We got to watch early screening at Eastwood after office (just a few hours back). Not only did we get to watch it in advance, the ticket was sold at the same regular price. We thought it’s gonna be a little more expensive since its advanced screening (even if just for a day). Plus, the cinema is not full! I can just imagine nationwide opening day tomorrow…

I’m going to sleep smiling. And dreaming of these three:

Transformer Bumble BeeBumblebee

OptimusPrimeOptimus Prime

transformersAnd of course, Ted Hamilton!* 🙂

*I know him as Ted Hamilton coz I onced watched a cable movie entitled “Win a Date with Ted Hamilton”, and he’s the ubber cute guy. Major crushing. With that note, I’m off to a goodnight sleep.