If it’s only possible to oversee the reception preparation, I would have done it. But of course, I’m the bride so I have no choice but to let my OC-ness go and let the coordinators and the caterer do their jobs.

Not everything turned out theΒ  way I wanted it to be, but I guess that’s part of it. As they say, no wedding is perfect. You can only come close. Ours is actually on the brink of perfection, its just my OC-ness that’s keeping it from being one. Teehee.

guest centerpieceTable Centerpiece for guests

Additional favors/appetizers for guests

Table Set-upDIY on the guest tables: Name tags (on top of each table napkins), Table number and Menu (back to back)

reception night mode
The candles and the red petals scattered on the centerpiece makes it a little more romantic

VIP tableThe VIP table has lots of white roses and gold charger plates

VIP plate
VIP plate with name tag

souvenir principal sponsors
Giveaways for VIP

Mini CakesWedding Cupcakes
Mini Cakes and cupcakes for VIP

The cake — which I tought was cupcake. LOL. just kidding! I just find it a tad small and the design.. so simple! I know I chose this, but the overall effect of what I chose didn’t look this plain. I was also disappointed with the color. They used yellow! As in yellow like light yellow – star yellow. Heller. My motif is emerald green and gold. I didn’t use green on reception details coz I wanted to focus on the gold tone. The cake shold have been on the gold tone. I said yes to yellow, thinking it will be on the gold tone. Far from it. Ohwell. It taste good naman so ok na din.

Reception_wineWine for couple’s toast

Reception Couples Table
Our nest for the night. I love our backdrop, so Grecian, matching with my bridesmaids dresses πŸ™‚

Reception_lechonWe ordered Sabroso Lechons, honestly, I’m not really a fan of their laman, but I super love their balat! So crispy. All parts ha. The meat is tender yeah but since its a native pig, it has a different taste.

salad barThe Salad Bar

buffet de chocolar
The much raved Buffet de Chocolat

buffet de chocolat

buffer de chocolat fondue

buffet de chocolat3

buffet de chocolat4

buffet de chocolat2

buffet de chocolat side

buffet de chocolat5

venueThe reception set-up (wait… where are the white petals on the side of the red carpet that I requested?)

As what was suggested on a wedding blog (which I landed on in my wedding research – very informative and super organized wedding, love her scrapbook theme!), I made a powerpoint presentation of how I envisioned the reception details so that the banquet manager will have, more or less, an idea on my preference. I am OC when it comes to this. From the flowers to the table numbers, the menu to the name tags, I was very specific and hands-on. Overall, the reception looked great, but of course, I’m the only one who knows what I specified and not all were executed very well. I’m a little disappointed with them actually (Them — Josiah’s). I was expecting an excellent service (considering we spent a lot on them!) AND that all my approved requests will be executed. Word of advice if in case this happens to you. Don’t let it ruin your day. Just let go. And blog about it after. LOL.