See u tom, SachiLeaving Manila, leaving a sleeping Sachi for a night
(Sachi inside the kulambo before we left :-))

on the roadWe hit the road at around 10am, we braved Manila traffic and headed to Tagaytay. A much needed couple time, less the stress of wedding preparations.

Our Food Trip began…

road food

…with a street food. Kropek and water (It’s actualy water inside the Minute Maid bottle. Kropek from the street vendor, water from our ref. haha! Gosh, I’m becoming more and more of a mommy. Imagine, nagdadala na ko ng baon sa road!)

Our first stop was lunch at Antonio’s Grill. Influenced by you can bet on this pinakbet entry of my cousin A.


The raved pinakbet —>
I must tell you first that I am not a pinakbet lover. In general, I just feel like its so mapait (bitter), with all the wrong vegtables. But this one from Antonio’s is not bitter, at all. I ate all the lechon kawali and squash 🙂 Serving is good enough for 3, for Php 550, it’s worth it.

ensaladang manggaAnd hello. This food trip won’t be complete without my all time favorite fruit — manggang hilaw. Their ensaladang mangga at Php140 is malutong and maasim (sour and crunchy doesn’t seem to be the right words; better use Tagalog. hehe). The bagoong is yummy, not so maalat (salty)

gulaman and iced teacondiments
Iced tea (Php 60) for him and Sago’t Gulaman (Php110) for her. The condiments

JM also ordered chicken inasal, which I didn’t get to taste because I was so busy with the lechon kawali and my green mangoes

outside Antonio's GrillA Pic outside Antonio’s Grill — yup, I cut my hair! The shortest since Grade 4!

glass pane view1We spent the night at Andanita Taj Hotel. I wanted something different and browsing over the net, this hotel looked promising.

glass pane view2The view is just wonderful. Their rooms are themed. They operate 24 hours and have wi-fi (although you can barely get a signal from the rooms downstairs)

Casablanca DeluxeWe got the Casablanca room, which is Morrocan themed with the lake and taal view. But then again, you can only see the view if you stand up on your bed and look at the window behind it. Uhm, its kinda impossible to enjoy the view while standing awkwardly on the bed.

slippersslippers at the hotel

massage at TajSince it’s off-season, we got the room at a promo rate of Php2,800. It comes with a 30-min back massage and a continental breakfast

Taj bfastThe “continental breakfast”

good morning, tagaytayGood morning, Tagaytay!

Roti ChannaiTaj Shawarma
Of course, the so-called continental breakfast wasn’t enough. We got shawarma, rotti channai and curry sauce. OMYGOSH, I think I just tasted the best shawarma ever. I just took a bite coz it’s JM’s, but it sure taste really good!

Manos Greek Taverna
For Dinner, we ate at Mano’s Greek Taverna. I’ve read several raves on the internet and I was itching to try it. I like Mediterranean foods — shawarma, kebab, pita’s and the like. This is most probably Grecian? Is that Mediterranead too? Oh well, basta we ordered Moussaka, lamb and beef shawarma, and french fries in olive oil (less guilt coz at least its fried in a healthy oil). The shawarma has a very distinct taste, makes you feel its authenticity, although kinda matabang, but the salt and pepper did the trick. The moussaka on the other hand is like a lasagna but in eggplant, potato and lotsa cheese. Not bad.

Waiting for our food

at ManosYes, feel na deel ko my get-up, almost turtle neck coz it was chilling outside! (Trish, that’s your gift… thanks again! :))

JM at ManosHis fave boxer pose

With all the Mediterranean inspired foods we ate, we just felt like dancing…

Indian Dance2His Indian dance

indian dance1And my Indian dance

we lostBefore dinner, I wanted to go to the Casino. I’m not a gambler nor is he, but there’s really nothing else to do so I just wanted to try it and have fun. Their standard greeting inside is “GOOD LUCK!” Makes me feel like I’m a gambler. Haha!

With the look on my face, you probably know what happened. LOL. But we had fun, we were guessing the mechanics of the game all throughout our stay and watching our credit go down to $0. But of course, we just allotted a small amount of money, really just for playing.

The Casino is nice, in fairness. High ceiling with lots of slot machines. I just wish its non-smoking. Teehee. Oh well, I guess real gamblers are smokers. The bad stuff.

When I got my camera on my way out, the guard asked me if I want to play bingo, then she said “kung wala po kayo dito sa Sunday, kami nlng po paglaruin nyo”. Heller. I’ll give her money to play? A total stranger? Ano sya, sinuswerte. If I’ll play bingo, it’s for the fun of it, eh saan pa un fun dun? I probably look naive.

to be continued…