Sachi got her last Pentaxim shot. A few more necessary vaccine shots and we’re done (at least for the year maybe).

Sachi on a towelMommy, no! I’m bold

hi mommy!I wanna play

I want to rollI wanna roll
(It’s (starting to be) a struggle to dress Sachi coz she’s becoming so malikot)

Dear Papa Jesus, sana po hindi masakit ang injection
(I hope my vaccine shot is not painful)

waiting for the doctor
Playing and waiting for our turn

huhWhat?? 7 more people ahead of us?
And you call this a weekday and an hour before the clinic’s closing time?

my sunflower maong shoes
My sunflower maong shoes

Stats: 7kls at 4 1/2 months

playing with doctoraPlaytime with Doctora
(Sachi is such a happy baby)

waaaaah 😦
(Of course, until her vaccine shot)

milk milk milkAfter a minute or two of crying, she held her milk (all by herself) and fired away! She finished it in a jiff!

so healthy and baldBack to being happy πŸ™‚