2 days before the wedding:

lunch at inasal
Lunch with Delos Santos

Footsie Cool Mint Spa
Cool Mint Footsie for the couple

Followed by a body scrub and full body massage. I was tickled all the way during scrubbing, but after taking a bath, I felt the difference. My skin was like porcelain! Hehe 🙂 Then came a very relaxing massage. Nakatulog ako sa sarap! Seriously 🙂 The rest of our family memebers enjoyed their time as well

family dinner
At around 8pm, a few minutes after mother arrived, we headed at San Jacinto at C-5.

Dinner was grand! The function room is nice,with its own AC, 2 huge tables, a sofa, and china cabinet full of dinner wares.

San Jacinto dinner

A day before the wedding:

Our room

master bedroom at discoveryWe checked in at a 3-bedroom suite at Discovery Suites. No one slept in the suite except JM & I.

California Nails Day SpaAt California Nails Day Spa. At around 7:30pm, I headed at Robinsons Galleria to have my nails done. It took 2 looong hours, but my hands are perfectly groomed, shaped and polished 🙂 Ready for tom!