Sachi had so much fun at the jam packed SM North EDSA. We wanted to bring her at Serendra and just stroll, but the scorching heat led us to the newly renovated SM North EDSA. Grabe her first mall, so masa. Hehe.

There were so many people! As if this is the only mall in the Metro. 06072009(007) I was actually scared coz with all the people from all walks of life, Sachi may catch some virus. Good thing she didn’t. Thank you Papa Jesus for keeping Sachi healthy. (In all her vaccines, she never got any fever whatsoever too. For that we are thankful.)

Got to taste white hat, the new ice cream yogurt in town. As with all yogurts, it was sour, but the chocolate balls sprinkled on it blended and balanced the taste. It’s still not the yummy sweet ice cream, for me, it can never be an ice cream counterpart. Ice creams are sweet, full guilt desserts. Ice cream yogurts are expensive substitutes.