Only a week to go.
Our coordinator ,Peachy will handle supplier transactions from now on til the day of the wedding.

Catering – Add 2 tables and pay corresponding fee c/o Peachy, all else done

The Glass Garden – fully paid, submit signed supplier forms c/o Peachy

SmartShot – Engagement Session (Pre-nup) done, waiting for Guestbook Layout.

Invitations – Invites distributed. A handful still with me

Papers for the Church – Birth and confirmation certificates done. Marriage Banns done. Marriage License done. The only thing left to do is submit the marriage license and sign some papers.

Marriage License – Done. See my entry here

Church seminar – Done.

Priest Interview – Done. I have yet to write about it.

Missalette – Missalette approved, ready for printing.

Flowers – Done.

Accessories – Unity Cord, Pillows, Unity Coins, Bible, Rosary – all ready. (Note to self: Make customized matches)

Rings – weloveit! see entry here

Souvenirs/Giveaways – Customized wines for principal sponsors done. Waiting for baiCapture layout. Wrap the goodies for the kids. Box & pack additional giveaways.

Table numbers and other accessories – Table numbers printed and laminated, menu cards and buffet nameplates done. Coloring materials for the kids are all set.

Supplier’s ID – Print out logo’s in case Glass Garden is strict

Hair & Make-Up – All set. Already made downpayment.

Entourage gowns – All set (except for Caissa’s — still with me)

Bride’s gown – Had 3 fittings already — finishing bottom part of the gown.
Bride’s shoes – start shoe shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Groom’s barong and shoes – Barong is all set, stat shoe shopping too!

Booze – Need to buy drinks for “after-the-party”
Lechon – we have yet to scout for a lechon supplier. Lechon tasting here we come! –> Thinking of foregoing this…
Music – All set. Remind Peachy to go over program with SJT

Hotel – Confirm again with Kuya Weng

Seat plan – It’s so stressful to arrange seats! Seat plan and guest nameplates still on the to-do ist
Program – all set

Things to buy:
6 Wine for toast

More DIY (I just added these up today. hehe. di na ko nawalan ng DIY projects ;-p I’m stressing but I can’t help it):
Seat Plan printed in 11 x 17
Entourage Card