Last week, Friday May 22, we had our much awaited pre-nuptial session. I wanted the Trash the dress concept of SmartShot, but since I wasn’t able to find a gown, we didn’t push through with it.

Our PhotographerWe initially wanted to do the shoot at Fuego, but since our schedule is packed, we opted to shoot somewhere near. We had our minds fixed at Intramurous because I wanted an old, vintage feel. Unexpectedly, they are already requiring a shooting permit with a corresponding Php2,000 fee I think. Since we didn’t have time to go at the location just to get a permit, and we were too siguristas, we settled at Eco Park.

The park in itself is nice. There are different locations and sceneries where you can shoot. The only downfall is the people and the heat. We started shooting around 3pm, and with the pag-iinarte of the groom, we were on our way out at 4pm.

Sit here, look there, hold your hand, tilt to the right, stand up, smile…

Our 3 hour session was cut to an hour. The groom couldn’t smile anymore. The photographer noticed. I am nothing but frustrated. And disappointed.

This is a once in alifetime event. Just like getting married, when will you get another chance for a pre-nup shoot when you’re supposed to get married only once? Hindi ba pwedeng tiisin nlng the curious stare of people and the damn heat? After all, we are sharing the pain. We’re all feeling it.

One week passed, I am still mad. I told the groom I will forever be mad looking back. I already let it go, but if someone asks, how can I forget? I would have loved to write a wonderful experience, something significant or meaningful, or fun, but it’s just not. It was memorable indeed. But not the memory I wanted it to be.

Mood: Ranting still