Wednesday, May 2009, with a drowsy eye, a ticket on hand, shoe-hunting as part of my agenda, and 2 companions (1 for financial aka taga-bayad, 1 for physical aka taga-buhat), I headed to the SMX Convention at Mall of Asia Grounds. The thing is huge. High ceiling. Big big escalator.

Since I only have a ticket with me, I wanted to make sure my mom and sister can get in so at 7:00pm, I made arrangements for 5 seats under my name for the 9:30pm show (Us 3 plus tita and Paula who has a ticket).

Since shoe hunting is really part of our agenda, we went straight to MOA after securing my mom and sister’s entrance to the show. The section where we entered was — tantararan! — the baby section! We were oggling the cute baby clothes so we ended up buying Sachi a handful of clothes, a terno dress (so cute I swear!), a gold rubber shoes, and a christening gown. O diba, talk about unplanned purchases. Di pa nga sure our plans for christening, we bought one na. Ang cute kc!

After spending at least 40 minutes in the baby section, we hurried toward the specialty stores to look for ma’s shoes, and hopefully for mine. We entered at at least 5 stores, several caught my attention but they’re not really fit for me and mama’s gowns. We ended uo with a slip-on that ma bought just because it was on Sale. Mama talaga, basta may nakasualt na SALE in red, gusto ng bilhin kahit walang paggagamitan. She bought an oddly blue colored-slip on with gems that turned out expensive pa rin even if it’s on sale. Oh well.

At a little past 9pm, we hurried back at SMX Convention to meet up with the Moya couple and Villa family. We were waiting at the first floor, only to find out that they were all inside already. So when we entered the hall, this is what greeted us: 

loads of people at SMX
Lotsa people. Lotsa Heels. Lotsa Boots. Lotsa Fashionista. Lotsa Cameras.

Fashion Week at SMXWith mother dear at the ground floor of SMX

FashionWeekMother, Ayee, Paula, Tita Roise, Yours Truly 

Czarina Villa was the first to showcase her beautiful creations — 30 pieces men! ang dami! 🙂 (that’s why my gown and mama’s is still on the shelf! haha)

by Czarina VillaLove this gown, among others

Fashion Week 2009Czarina Villa’s Collection for Premiere B — back view

Fashion Designers Premiere B 2009 The designers of the night: Tina Daniac, Pia Gladys Perey, Mitch Dulce,
Jon Paras, Eric Delos Santos and Czarina Villa.


First time on the CATWALK (singing — on the catwalk)
Wanted to wear heels to feel like all glamed up, but since I know we’re in for long and hurried walk for our shoe-hunt agenda, I grabbed these slip-ons that my brother call gladiators (long before the gladiator shoes that’s uso now)

Arlene at Fashion Week 2009
Solo Pics — trying to capture “FASHION WEEK” on the screen but the bouncer
was shooing us already. Ok fine. FASH nlng tuloy.

Rosie, Arlene, CzaBumping into Czarina on our way down. Congrats, honey!