Sachi is 4 months today. Happy Birthday Sachi, my cute and cuddly baby bachuchay!

Happy four monts

What she can do the past month:

  • She can flip from her back to tummy with little help. See entry here ( I saw how frustrated she was when she was first learning how to turn sideways. She’d keep on moving sideways only to end up lying on her back again. Then she’ll do that paawa lip effect before starting to cry. Last week, at 3 months and 3weeks old, she was able to flip from her back to her tummy without help. I was like a detective filming her in the dark :-))
  • She reaches out on things in front of her
  • She can hold her head up while sitting down

Sachi sitting

  • She can grasp her rattle at 3 months 3weeks
  • She sits straight and can carry her head

Sachi Sitting

  • Her favorite song is twinkle twinkle little star– never fails to put a smile on her face
  • She coos with my singing
  • She squeals with delight (such a very high-pitched voice)
  • Drools a lot
  • Does that “brrr” thing with her mouth, showering saliva in the process
  • She eats either 1) her whole fist; 2)sucking her index finger to the side of her gums. Ginawa daw bang lollipop ang daliri?


  • She can straighten her legs and almost carry her weight when propped standing up

Sachi standing up

It’s that time where babies are starting to interact with their surroundings. No more feed-sleep-poop-cry routine. It now turned to sleep-dance-cry-coo-sing-squeal-play-poop-feed. I’m excited to see her grow and reach every month’s milestones.

I’m proud of you Sachi, We love you!

Happy 4th MonthI knew there was something missing. “Month” is missing!
Should be ” Happy 4th Month” hmmp