Finally. After weeks of postponing, we finally dragged ourselves to take a visit at Quezon City hall. We found out that there’s a 10-day waiting period before we can get the license itself so there’s really not much time to wait and postpone further.
Marriage License Form

We underestimated the procedure. I was “prepared” for a whole day of stressful queuing and waiting. Unexpectedly, we were done in about an hour! Amazing. Here’s my rundown on what we did. I brought the following documents:

1) Birth Certificate of both parties
2) Church Seminar Certificate from Lourdes Church, QC
3) Cenomar (which was not needed)
4) Marriage license application form (which you can get at the counter or download here)

The Procedure:

1) Go to counter 10 and ask for the payment slip for the form*
2) Pay at counter 15 (if not yet open, head to Treasury department)
3) Get your forms from counter 10 (or in my case, I downloaded the form here. Note: payment is still the same at Php150 whether you brought your own form or you got it from them)
4) Fill up the forms and have it notarized on the table near counter 15. Pay Php 50
5) Photocopy your documents
6) Submit at counter 10

That’s it! We’re just going to wait for the release.

All downloadable forms from Quezon City here