What’s the ideal weight of a 3-month old baby? Sachi is already 7kls, that is 15.4 lbs. I wonder if that is within the ideal range of baby weight…
People would always comment how big she is. Now, I’m curious.

My search on the internet led me to a health calculator, which if I’ll believe it, Sachi is 1.3 kls overweight. Hmmm..

Ideal Weight

Click here to take you to the Health calculator of Medindia.

Since I’m already on a reasearch mode, I made my searchΒ  a little more extensive by checking out milestones of babies per month. Here’s a table lifted from babycenter:

1-6 months - chart

Sachi seems to be on the Advanced level. She’s been holding hear head steadily for quite some time now. She also plays with her hand, clasping it and putting it inside her mouth. As for rolling over her back, she’s been trying to but couldn’t carry her body for a full 180-degree turn. She can only move sideways, try her very best to roll further, then cry. Hahaha! cute little baby. Helpless in rolling over from back to tummy. Soon my baby bachuchay! Keep on trying πŸ™‚ (I just noticed that in the chart above, it says tummy to back… that must be easier, I’ll observe if Sachi can do that already)