16th month

I’m a big fan of celebrations. I celebrate just about anything. It makes me happy.

Everyday little things, simple well-planned celebrations (rather than the grand ones) make my day. Sometimes, simple celebrations are more fun. You need not bring any poise, no need to be prim n proper. Just fun times.

With grand ones on the other hand, oftentimes, your actions are limited, the things you want to do are restricted. Although it’s fun to attend and have grand celebrations every once in awhile, small celebrations bring out real happiness. Match that with a grand surprise… I’m in heaven.

Last weekend called for a double whammy celebration. It’s an Us day Saturday, and Mother’s Day Sunday. Nothing grand. Only Us. And Sachi. And Mama. Just right.

Saturday celebration— JM & I headed at Powerplant past five in the afternoon to check out Mom Expo (my first mom expo! teehee 🙂 that explains the picture below), to stroll, and to eat a sumptuous meal.

ExpoMom_050909Not much in store for me. Almost all exhibitors are from multiply.

We ate dinner at Banana Leaf which was well raved by JM. The food is really good. There is a distinct taste that is specific to their cuisine. We ordered Penang Char Kway Teow (Php 188), a super yummy noodle delicacy. Deep Fried Squid flavored in Homemade spicy Garlic (Php 228), Roti Canai (Php 78), HK Style Sweet Corn and Chicken Soup (Php 198), Curry Sauce (Php 30) and a bottomless Iced Tea (Php 60).

Simu’t Sarap

*Pictures of the food to follow

 Sunday celebration — After our dentist, JM treated us to dinner at Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak at Katipunan. I badly wanted to go to a Spa, so we stayed at Katipunan while Mama, Trina and Sachi went home (bringing Samantha with them — Samantha is the name of our Safari).

It was such an adventure! We walked for what I think is about a kilometer to reach my prefered Spa only to find out they are fully booked (silly me, I didn’t realize it must be fully booked as it is Mother’s Day. Hello.) So we crossed the street (back and forth), hoping to go to the Spa on the other side of the road, but they couldn’t accept us either. Becuase my already tired feet could no longer take another step (Ok, a little OA), we rode a tricycle. Imagine. I studied here in Katipunan (Miriam) for 12 years (Kindergarten to High School), and it is only now that I rode a trike in the area.

So were did we end up? At Asian Tropics, located at the same building where we had our dinner. Goodness!

We were ushered at a couple’s room where we both had deep pressure massage. There was oil, deep pressure, strokes, stretches — all combined into one painful yet relaxing massage. I say painful coz I wasn’t loving the pressure and stretches. I am only in for the strokes. JM loved it though.

*Pictures to follow

I must admit, I would have loved a much prepared weekend elebration. After all, it’s my first Mother’s Day (although I found out something, *wink *wink). But with all the hooplas, as long as my family is beside me, that’s all that matter 🙂