Since prevention is better than cure, we as parents pledge to bring our baby bachuchay to her pediatrician religiously for her vaccines.

Sachi_050909Sachi gained 1.2 kls in a month! Flat 7kls (15.4lbs) at 3 months an13 days.
lenght: 62 cms – head:35 – chest: 34

Everyone who sees Sachi thinks she’s either 5 or 7 months old. Laki nya kc! Baby bachingching tlga. She’s getting heavier each day that even her yaya is having a hard time carrying her. But then, it’s too early for a diet program. (Honey, drink all the milk you want. by the time you’re a year or two, we’ll have to regulate your food intake :-p )

Despite her outrageous weight gain (which is not a bad thing coz that means baby is healthy. One symptom of being sick is no weight gain), everything else is also good.

Mommy and Sachi at PediaWaiting at Doctora’s clinic

The highlight of our pediatrician visit is getting her ears pierced. It’s time for her to be a girly girl. People would oftentimes ask if she’s a boy (coz she has no/little hair). With earrings, it’s going to be a statement: I’M A GIRLALOO!

Sachi's left earGetting the left ear pierced. Ouch. (Coz she’s crying and kept moving her head, di masyado pantay her earring placement 😦 )
Sachi's right ear
Super nakakaawa pic. Look at her eye, there are tears 😦

my earring
The pain is all worth it. Look how girly and pretty she looks 🙂

After getting her ears pierced, she cried out loud but stopped when I carried her. Then she had her Rotarix vaccine (oral), cried a little, drank her milk, then slept. She slept all the way, from Capitol to our house. She’s generally just so behaved.

Showing off earrings

Love you so much Sachi!