My friend, R, has a secret.


Below is my fave pic, sensual but wholesome. I like her eye make up too. Be proud of this R, let’s do an email thread! haha (just kidding =p) But you see, I wish I could have done the same before I got pregnant which made all fats and skin a little more flabbier, before my surgery which left a great big mark on my belly. But then again, there’s always Photoshop. Haha!

Bottom line: Be bold. Do things that you can only do at this point in your life. (Sympre di ka na pwede mag-pose ng ganyan pag lola ka na.)… (shoot. look who’s talking) So that when you look back years from now, you can say you’ve done that during your days. Now, I can only boast of my tummy portrait, which up until now, I haven’t gotten from my sister.

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