Online shopping just got better. We can now purchase stuff from online sellers abroad and have it shipped in the Philippines.

I usually ask friends and relatives to buy me stuff from online and specialty stores in the US and wait til their visit before I get my goodies. Just recently, I asked my cousin to buy me a set of baby stuff and have it shipped via the 30-day cargo shipment. The cost of the items are way below the market price here in the Philippines, but unfortunately, shipping cost is just so high! Lesson learned: There are items that you are better off buying here in the Philippines.

Now, as I am reading the blog of Cecil Van Straten aka Chuvaness, she has an entry on Johnny Air and online shopping. (Read entry here)

Having mishaps on these kind of transactions, I am keen on trying the service. But shopaholic as I am, I’m always looking for something to buy. Plus, being on the internet eight hours a day, working on an online electronic store that is based in the US, who wouldn’t go nuts on wanting to have the latest (and the promo deals) on electronics — read: iPods, notebooks, digital cameras, hard drives, etc.

With the service from Johnny Air… I’m saving up for my next purchase 🙂


Check out MacMall, complete online store of electronic and techy stuff, especially Apple products. This is where I spend most of my work time so I should know how competitive our prices are! In fact, our iPods, Mac notebooks and Accessories have comparable, even lower prices compared to Apple.

MacMall new site

Go grab some deals! Lots of FREEBIES after mail-in-rebates! 🙂