To make it different (from our usual cupcake parties), we had a pizza party to celebrate Sachi’s 3rd month.


Sachi-notables during her 2nd month:

(I’m super confused. Sachi celebrated her 3rd month April 26 (her birthday is Jan 26). So that means, it’s just the start of her third month, right? So all the events these past few weeks are counted as 2nd month. Is that correct?)


  • loves to be talked to ALL THE TIME, she answers back whenever you talk to her
  • can lift her head when on her tummysachi-on-her-tummy
  • doesn’t rely on her bouncer that much anymore
  • sleeps well at night
  • laughs and giggles every time you talk to her. She is one happy baby

smiling sachi

  • went home for the first time to Nueva Ecija (traveled 4 hours)
  • went malling for the first timemegamall-saisaki
  • sometimes try to move to her side
  • would put her fist, sometimes her finger on her mouth, then gags. (bwahaha! bulimic daw ba?!


  • oftentimes cry inconsolably before going to sleep
  • is starting to lift her bottle on her own
  • can already lift her head without support


You are such a big and smart girl my baby bachuchay! We love you!

Vital Stats: weight: 6 kls (?)