My first night out (if you can call it one) after giving birth.


Night out used to be synonymous with unlimited booze – from cosmopolitans, margaritas, tequilas, to rhum cokes and bacardi 151 on the rocks, crazy dancing, little dresses and mini skirts, high heels, clutch bags and loud music.

My night outs, during and (apparently) after pregnancy are plain steady.

No, I am not making reklamo or anything. I actually don’t have the will to go out and party. I would rather stay home, play with Sachi, go out on a dinner date, or watch a movie (which by the way I haven’t done for monthssss).

I no longer heart partying. Maybe it comes with motherhood. Maybe not. Maybe it’s the age. Whatever it is, I’m glad I’m in my right senses. I’m a mommy na for pete’s sake. With a child barely 3 months old, kaloka naman kung hinahanap hanap ko mag party ngayon.

I mean, hello. Who would want to leave a cute little angel behind?

But I’d still like to go out to bond with friends. I don’t want naman to alienate myself from the people around me. But maybe I’m still sorta drained with all the events (read: surgeries and other hospitalizations), that I still don’t feel like going out to socialize.

puti-timogUnplanned steady drinking at Puti, Timog