The “First” Family

Our first family picture 🙂
Yay! I can hold Sachi in her favorite carrying position. I was told that babies like to be carried this way because of their view. And I guess also because their back has full support, but still giving the neck ample space to freely move their heads.

daddy-and-sachiMirror Mirror on the Wall
Daddy carrying Sachi. Look at her back, she has folds!

arlene-and-baby-sachiCandid Kuno
Mommy & Sachi

kissing-bachuchayHi, Camera.

Kissing my baby bachuchay 🙂
Sachi stares at the camera all the time. Especially if it its just inches away from her face

Just like Friends

Are we look-alike?

On Baldness and Folds

My new fave picture with Sachi.
I’ve been telling JM how frustrated I am becuase they all have pictures with Sachi, while mine can be counted with my fingers. I’m always the one taking pictures kc. So now, he promised to take more pictures of us.