Early morning on our way to our last Pre-Cana seminar, traffic was bad on the streets crossing EDSA. We tried a detour but still, all EDSA crossings were packed. The reason? There was a “bike run” which consisted of thousands and thousands of bikers. I later on found out that this is coined as tour of the fireflies and it has been going on for ten years already. I never imagined bikers in the Philippines are this many, they’re fun to watch!

The “run” is called tour of the fireflies, because their mission is to encourage people to use bikes in the hope to have cleener air, which in effect will cause the return of the fireflies. Apparently, fireflies live only in clean environment.
A trivia I got from my marketing director who wanted to join the “run” but didn’t wake up in time. Good thing there’s always next year 🙂