Last Sunday on our trip to the grocery store, I detoured to Toy Kingdom. Teehee. I wanted to buy Sachi a rattle. When she’s awake, I ran out of things to say. She always wants to be talked to. Then she’ll smile, laugh, giggle and babble back. It’s as if she wants to speak na! She’ll converse with you talaga, nakakatuwa. I figured, we need something to attract her attention other than our faces. It’s time for an accessory that will encourage her (and us) to do different activities.

Indeed I went home with a rattle.

And a play gym.

Yes, napabili po ko ng play gym ng wala sa oras. Haha! I have plans of buying her one but not this soon. But I just couldn’t resist getting my little angel this colorful carnival theme play gym. I want her to explore whatever her little mind can do at this point. It has discount pa so it must be meant to be. Hehe.


The Kick & Whirl play gym is sensor-enabled that when you tap and kick it, the lights will turn on, the circle board will spin, and the balls in the board will spin as well. There are 3 links that the baby can reach and kick. Once Sachi gets older and can already sit on her own, it can be converted in such a way that she can play with the balls, roll it down the slide, etc.

Since I have no time yet to transfer my pictures to my notebook, I’ll settle for this image from product review.

Amongst the other available play gym, I chose this because baby can still use it even up to a year or more. Some play gyms cannot be converted to a sit-up and play center, sayang coz baby can’t use it after 5 months or so.

Technical Specifications of the product:

  • Encourages your baby on kicking, reaching, sitting, grasping and playing.
  • Overhead gym that can be converted to a sit-up play center for your growing baby.
  • It has lots of activities with a ball drop activity station, dancing lights, five minutes of lively music, spinners, ball ramps and more.
  • Strengthens motor skills.
  • Helps baby understand spatial concepts like in/out & rolling.
  • Offers visual stimulation.
  • Fun music & sounds enhance auditory skills.
  • Includes 5 colourful balls.
  • Requires 3 C alkaline batteries.
  • It is suitable from birth to 12 months.


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