chillin-with-my-cousinSachi with Alayssa, her second cousin.

My baby bachinhching’s first human friend. (first non-human, being Minnie Mouse. hehe) Other than the fact that they are both bachingchings, they are total opposites. Sachi is wide-eyed while Alayssa is chinita. (We actually call her koreana coz she  super looks like one!) Sachi is such a smiley face with smiley lips while Alayssa’s lips are curved downwards. Alayssa loves wearing blue, Sachi always on pink and yellow. Alayssa has lots of hair, Sachi barely has strands.

In this picture, Alayssa is almost 4 months old, while Sachi is 2 1/2 months old.
Taken at Mama’s bedroom in Rizal