On our way back to Manila from our Holy Week break, in our hope to get to Manila in as little time possible, we decided to take SCTEX. I saw pictures and heard lots of praises on this expressway. It was supposed to shorten our trip from 4 hours to about 3 hours, but it was all the same. Probably because we had a baby and we were driving slow?

The part where we travelled didn’t have that mountain at both sides, which should look like a road was built in between mountains. Probably it’s farther up north.

Nevertheless, the road is clean, the clouds — a sight to behold and signs are big, clear and visible.



Here’s something to watch out for, a Nike outlet store at one of SCTEX gasoline stations. nikefactorystoreThis pit stop reminds me of Barstow, the outlet store that I passed on my way to Las Vegas from California during my US trip. Other than the gas station here at SCTEX, there are lots of restaurants and probably outlet stores that are soon to open. I hope there are children’s clothing and mango and/or zara type of clothing outlet. This way, there’s something to look forward to during long hours of travel. šŸ™‚