Finally, I had a valid reason to go to Tagaytay — attend a wedding. I’ve been wanting to go to Tagaytay since the “cold season”, but since I don’t want to risk my pregnancy, we didn’t bother. Now that Sachi is out, I also didn’t want to go to Tagaytay and just make lakwacha while I leave her behind. Bringing her is not an option either as she only turned 2 months old.

So with my classmate’s wedding (March 27, 2009), it was the perfect opportunity. The wedding ceremony is at 2:30pm, but we left Manila at 7:30am. Haha! Excited much? It was our chance to go out of town, we didn’t want to waste time.

We ate breakfast at the biggest Hen Lin restaurant I’ve seen, along SLEX.


           gotowanton noodle souptokwa

mushroom burgerOn the way to our first stop, we passed by Mushroom Burger. I wanted to give it a try but we were still full from our Hen Lin breakfast, plus it’s on the other side of the road (It’s hard to make a U-turn in this little city). So I just took a picture and off we went.

Our first stop is at bag of beans, we almost missed it because the wooden sign is not clear. We first entered the panaderia. bag of beansA small bakeshop with several breads and pies to choose from. We then went to the restaurant where there is an unparalleled ambiance.With all the greenery, the amusing birds and strategically located tables, I felt like I’m in a different world. There was a cool breeze (probably because of the confined place with lots of greens around) that is different from the regular Tagaytay temperature.

After bag of beans, we headed to The Boutique for brunch. We ordered baby back ribs, chilli chicken wings and the corn and mushroom in a sizzling plate. Everything was good! Their pandan water is also refreshing. I kept on checking out this place on the internet, amazed by the pictures. Now that I’ve been on this secretly coveted place, I realized it’s more for intimate dates and overnights. I’m sure the inside of the rooms are worth staying at but I found the place unexpectedly small.

ArlenJm at the boutique       chillichickenwings baby back ribs our feast
Our Finger lickin’ food.

As if this wasn’t enough, when we arrived at Highlands, we ordered desserts.

banana and ice creammais con yeloAnother yummy treat! My sweet and hot banana fritter matched with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup (rightmost pict) is just the perfect dessert on a hot summer day. JM’s mais con yelo was matabang. We added a handful of sugar but it still didn’t do the trick.

After the non-stop munching, it’s finally time to attend the main event of our trip: brock’s & tanj’s wedding. I’ll blog about it on a different entry.

Would love to go back to Tagaytay and spend the night relaxing and enjoying the cool breeze. Hopefully bringing Sachi along 🙂