The Philippines is known for its rich culture. One thing that we Filipinos cannot live without are the kasabihan ng matatanda (old folks saying). It is such a big part of our culture that in one way or another, it has been instilled in us. I for one practice it without even knowing that I am a “follower” of such. I say “baribari-apo” whenever I’m in grass filled area. I don’t exactly know what those words mean. All I know is that it prevents you from getting sick in case you step on one of them (not really sure what “them” are).

Now that I have a child of my own, it is more evident than it ever was. From sitting on a steamed bayabas after giving birth, to feeling the head of the kid to know if she is hungry, or hearing my relative, especially the elders say “pwera usog”. There are just too many kasabihans and old folk practices that it’s too much to swallow, too much to comprehend, and even more mind-boggling to figure out which one to believe.

During our visit to our grandmother Nanay & Tatay, they gave my little one a pakimkim. A what?? pakimkim. It’s the money you give to babies when they first visit your house. It’s supposed to bring the baby good fortune — “para madaling makahanap ng pera pag laki”, were the exact words.

This is new. I guess I found my favorite kasabihan.. Pakimkim! bwahahaha

Sachi's pakimkim from NanayOoh. Me likey. Spells a new outfit for me. Teehee

Which old folk saying do you believe in?