We just got back from Capitol Medical Center, the home of our new pediatrician. Such a big change from where we’re used to, the Medical City. The Medical City felt like home where in the past 9 months, we’ve had visits at least once a month, at the latter part, every week. We’ve also been admitted 4 times in 6 months! and every week after I gave birth, we were still visiting our doctor.

Suffices to say, we’ve had enough. Tama na muna. As much as we like the Medical City for its crisp clean and new amenities, I don’t want to see it na muna.

But since it’s important for Sachi to get her vaccines, we have to bring her to a doctor. After a little dilly dally, we went for Dra. Henson at Capitol, the pediatrician of my cousin’s babies.

Baby lechon por kilosachi-is-5-point-8-kilos

Sachi wondering where she is and what she’s doing lying down on a weighing scale. 5.8 kilos my Bachingching!

babies-at-the-pediaBabies waiting at the reception area of Doctora’s clinic. (L-R: Sachi a little past her 2nd month, a baby on her 1 1/2 month and a baby almost a month. Sachi is so much bigger!)

sachi-yaya-and-arlene check-up-with-doctora
L-R: Waiting at the reception area, Sachi fell asleep, Doctora checking Sachi

sachis-vaccineSachi crying. In fairness to Sachi, she cried for only several minutes compared to most babies who got out from the clinic. Such a sweet little angel. I gave her the kryponite right after, her milk! πŸ™‚ (Trivia: Our doctor from Medical city said that you should refrain from giving your baby milk before vaccine to avoid throwing up. Plus, giving her milk after vaccines will help soothe the pain, not only will it satisfy her hunger but it also releases an agent* that serves as pain killer)

at-the-capitol-lobbyBye doctora! See you next month

*I forgot what it is. teehee!