Rain rain go away…

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… our farmers need the sun!

24/7 is not enough

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With all the things I have to do, I need to do and I want to do… A day is not enough. Did the week just pass by like that?
I need more time. Who invented the daylight thingie in the US? Can we make a day at least 28 hours rather than 24?

Probably because I work full time, I have lotsa DIY projects and my baby bachuchay to take care of, a day is not enough to finish all my to-do’s.

Guilt is actually creeping in as I haven’t spent as much time as I want to with Sachi. Coz with Sachi, there’s manang (to take care of her). For my DIY and my work, no one can take care of it but me.

Promise, after all the hooplas, I’m gona play and spend my time with my baby bachucay 🙂


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Had my measurements taken last week. Finally. I must admit I’m still far from the figure I would have wanted, but there’s just no more time.

Of course, the measurement taking was a treat being my fashion designer is my bubbly cousin, Czarina. Hindi tlga sya nauubusan ng kwento. Even when we were kids, she was the more talkative one (although I am already talkative, mas pa sya).

After taking my measurements, I toured her atelier. I’m really proud of her as I can remember the time when she was telling me she’s quitting her job and try designing clothes under her own label and work on her own time.

It is indeed the reality now. Congrats honey! I still keep on congratulating you even if this has been standing for years now. Hehe 🙂

* pic to follow

Omg I wanna fly!


pal-the-real-dealAs if I traveling isn’t my frustration, promos like this make me want to pack up and fly!

I’m used to Cebu Pacific having these kind of deals, but from PAL?

I wana go go go 😦

Unfortunately, resources are scarce. Especially now that we are in our lives where we are at the peak of our spending… the wedding, the baby and all other everyday spendings… hai. I hope there’s still a next time.

For those who can and want to, HURRY! Limited seats and tickets are for sale only until tom! Enjoy!

Baby’s Day Out: Megamall

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SM Megamall

hi-i-am-sachiHi world, I’m Sachi


Yep, it’s Sachi’s first mall. So masa dba? haha. We would have preferred Sachi’s first shopping and strolling experience to be at Rockwell or High Street/Serendra, but it just so happened Jenny’s baby (Francesca) is having her christening reception at Kamayan restaurant. Loads of food! Especially the side of Dad’s and Saisaki (blue plates for Dad’s, green for Saisaki, yellow for Kamayan). We mistakenly got blue plates. Whoops!

The well-known buffet is packed. In all my dinners here, I never saw this much people. Probably because it’s lunch? We had a hard time looking for our friends. The noise of the guests plus the loud music from the singers was overwhelming. I can imagine how puzzled Sachi may have been coz it’s her first time to be in this noisy environment. Fortunately she was so behaved. As I later on found out, she didn’t mind the noise because she was concentrating (read: making poopoo).

chef-sachiMeet Chef Sachi —>

Cleaning Sachi at Dad’s comfort room was a struggle. The comfort room is a tad small, only 2 cubicles and 2 sinks with a small space in between. So where did we prep Sachi? On that small space between the sinks. Plus, there’s that strong smell coming from the hot incense oil within Sachi’s reach. After what seems like forever, we finished cleaning Sachi and ended up changing her outfit altogether.


 girls-with-babieswith JM’s college barkada, big baby Sachi and sleepin’ little Cesca

baby-cescaThe celebrant: Baby Cesca (only on her 1st month)

happy-christening-cescaWith the couple and the celebrant

jm-college-barkada-with-sachiL-R: Kharen, JM, Nel, Noemi and Sachi

Yes Manang? Ano po ang hinahanap nyo?  *  Stand up manang, dun ka sa tabi
in-the-middle-of-megamallTumabi, pero hindi tumayo. LOL

After the christening celebration, we had coffee at Starbucks. After about 2 hours of non-stop kwentos and kulitan, we strolled at SM’s baby department. Got Sachi plastic diapers (which Manang was insisting on getting – we got L, which is for 3-6 months daw. Gosh! It almost didn’t fit Sachi, super konti nlng sa velcro un nagaabot). We also got her a longer pillow (because her heads keeps on falling off on her small one) and an extra pillowcase.

It was a fun chaotic family day. Next mall, has to be more peaceful 🙂



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Sachipression – My new sub-category – Capturing Sachi’s Expressions

OWS??                                  HMMsachi-expressions_3months EEEW                                   GRRR

Taken at Megamall, April 25, 2009

Noel + Aina

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Noel and Aina tie the knot


We were super late for the ceremony, good thing we still caught up with them at the Church. The ceremony is at St. Paul Parish of the Apostle at Quezon City. It was extra hot that day, but it didn’t ruin the couple’s happy aura. (Picture above, the couple with friends.)

Bopeep and I at the Church. Hot! hot! hot! – In Black: At the wedding reception, Rustica Restaurant

It was an outdoor dinner reception. Good thing it didn’t rain coz the indoor area couldn’t fit the guests. It was a simple wedding for 2 people who look so humble and kind. I don’t know them personally. As a matter of fact, I think it’s my first time to meet them as a couple. Noel, the guy, seemed familiar probably because of house gatherings with common friends. But you can see and feel how warm they are.

To Noel and Aina, Best wishes! May God bless you with a happy family and a fruitful marriage. Congratulations!

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