A not so junkie party after all. I initially wanted just a junk food party, a little celebration of Sachi’s 1st month. But no one in my family supports me. So fine, we had real foods: spaghetti, tacos, chicken, caldereta, chocolate fountain, crispy pata, pink salmon, salmon belly, bulalo, beers and vodka! Can’t get over Sachi’s cute personalized cupcakes. Yum!


Sachi-notables during her 1st month:


  • smiles during her sleep (she got this from JM)
  • has small baby pimples/rashes all over her face
  • can lift her head from left to right when lying on her tummy
  • lifts her head when she’s on someone’s shoulder (burping position)
  • likes sleeping on her tummy when on someone’s chest
  • doesn’t sleep much in the afternoon lately
  • had clogged and runny nose. Her nose has been “suctioned” a lot of times
  • wants to be carried most of the time
  • is a sneezer
  • loves being talked to
  • sleeps with both arms up, beside her face
  • sachis-1-month-celebrationsleeping – with tita ayee – with mommy – with grandma rosie, tita thrina & tita paula (pinagpasapasahan na tulog pa din) – smiling in my car seat – with kim & lesley – mommy & daddy’s friends – my sleeping outfit – trying on ate iyah’s headband… i don’t like!


Happy 1st Month Birthday Sachi! We love you! πŸ™‚